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Blintz Food

Beat eggs and milk together.

Blintz food. This one was adopted as a specialty of shavuot when it is customary to eat dairy dishes. Pancakes of every kind with various fillings called palacsinta are common in hungary. Serve 2 blintzes per person with the blueberry sauce alongside in a jug. Try them with a fresh berry sauce.

Pour in 1 12 teaspoons batter spread batter completely over bottom of pan. When the edges start to brown fold in half and remove from pan. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Use a hot but not quite smoking non stick pan covering the bottom of the pan thinly with batter.

Serve either with sour cream and powdered sugar or maple or chocolate syrup. Add flour sugar salt. Spread 13 of the batter onto bottom of 13x9 inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray. Blintzes are of hungarian origin.

Continue making one blintze per pan until batter is finished use a couple of pans if needed. Chef johns cheese blintzes filled with a lemon ricotta cream cheese mixture are perfect for a special brunch. Sweet blintzes carry on the tradition of cheese and fruit fillings. Or until center is set.

Turn the blintz upside down onto a clean towel. Lift pan and spread batter to edges as best you can. Whisk remaining eggs sugar flour butter milk and baking powder in separate bowl until blended. Heat a 10 inch non stick skillet over medium high heat.

Heat skillet or crepe pan mediumhigh heat. 4 bake 45 min. Spray or brush lightly with vegetable oil. For each blintz melt 1 teaspoon butter in a 7 skillet.

Cover over medium heat until lightly browned on one side. They are traditionally served for shavuot and less commonly for chanukah and other jewish holidays. Cover with neufchatel mixture then remaining batter. Add water and melted butter or oil.

Blintzes are commonly filled with farmers cheese or fruit. Reprinted from the book of jewish food published by alfred a. Step 5 bake on the middle shelf for about 10 15 mins or until warmed through. Cook the blintz on one side only until the top blisters and it looks dry around the edges.

Pour in about 14 cup.